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KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

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KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

Post by KenKhean on Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:36 pm

Name : Ken or Khean
Age : 19 + 1
TimeZone : GMT +8

1. What can u provide?
I can provide a well balanced , happy, better and peacefull playing ground which a lot of maplers is looking for it. And I'll be posting ZeldaMS on my blog, facebook and friendster to brining more people into ZeldaMS. I will devote my role to helping in any way that i can and making sure that the game runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

2. How long have u been playing?
I've playing Maple(SEA) in my country from beta till v.69 (current).

3. How did u come upon this server?
I was surfing at xtremetop100, and i found you, Zelda.

4. Which gm recommends u?
No One.

5. What would u do as gm?
Catch hacker, help players , and I like to Host event like Jump Quest, Treasure Hunt, Spawn / Killing. Besides that, I'll follow anything Admin told me to do. Besides that, as a GM, I'd regulate the rules, do my best to bring people
into the server and improve it to be the best there is.

6. Why should u be a gm and not some1 else?
I have experience being a GMin 1337story.And Im a active player, a strict person, doing things in order and wont seduced by other player to follow their wish, correct things from wrong to good.

7. Whats so good about this server?
The Npcs, FM Spawns, Bubble System, Rates, and i really love the @fmnpc command alot!

8. How was the community?
i meet a lot friend in Zelda, they all are friendly, nice, funny and helpfull players.

9. Tell us about ur self?
I live in Singapore / Malaysia, My friends call me Ken. Im a outgoing person, i like to make friend all around the place.

10. Tell us about this server?
This server have everything maplers needs. Satisfaction!

11. How is the GM here?
i haven met 1 in game , yet i must admit there arent many GMs ( i guess thats why ur accepting gm apps lmao: ;p)

12. What would you do to make this server better and more fun?
I'll hosting event, hours between hours on my shift, doing fair to every player, getting more player on Zeldams, and help this server become more fun by getting rid of hackers + reporting GM's abusing there powers.

Thank you for reading. What a Face


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Re: KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

Post by Coolio on Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:57 pm

Good App.. But there are more GMs then u think. Check the Announcement. See the Staff List. You'll be shocked on how many GMs we have.


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Re: KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

Post by iRawr on Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:31 am

I think gm staff is Full Well Nice gm app Anyways

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Re: KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

Post by Roxas on Sat May 02, 2009 5:35 pm

Nice application ^^

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Re: KenKhean's GM APPs ( Resume )

Post by Sponsored content

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